Dog is sleeping like a baby. When the alarm goes off? I fell out of my chair laughing!

Meet Oscar, an adorable and laid-back Vizsla dog who has a rather unique dislike for mornings. In this engaging article, we’ll explore the intriguing world of Oscar and his distinctive personality. Join us as we delve into Oscar’s endearing laziness and provide insights on managing a dog who prefers slumber over sunrise.

Poor girl! I feel the same way every morning.

Sweet Lady Vizsla is sleeping peacefully until the alarm starts to go off. Her eyes flutter at the first couple of beeps, but as the alarm gets more intense she starts to grumble. When the noise is at full blast, she holds herself up and starts howling for mercy until someone finally stops the incessant noise. Once the worst is over, she snuggles back into the blanket. Watch the video down below…

1- Understanding the Vizsla Breed

Before we delve into Oscar’s morning habits, let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the Vizsla breed. Originally bred in Hungary for hunting, Vizslas are known for their intelligence, energy, and affectionate nature. However, every dog has its own individual characteristics, and Oscar is certainly no exception!

2- Understanding Oscar’s Monday Blues

Unlike many other dogs who eagerly embrace the start of a new day, Oscar prefers to ease into his Monday mornings at a leisurely pace. He has developed a distinct dislike for the jarring sound of the alarm clock and the abrupt transition from the weekend’s relaxation to the hustle of the workweek.

3- Oscar’s Relaxed Monday Mornings Routine

Rather than leaping out of bed with enthusiasm, Oscar takes a more laid-back approach to his Monday mornings. Here’s a glimpse into his leisurely routine:

a) Slumbering in Comfort:

Oscar snuggles up in his cozy bed, unwilling to relinquish the warmth and comfort it provides. He indulges in a few extra minutes (or maybe more!) of sleep, savoring the last moments of tranquility.

b) A Gentle Awakening:

Instead of a loud alarm, Oscar prefers to wake up to gentle sounds or natural light filtering through the window. This gradual transition helps him maintain his calm demeanor while preparing for the day ahead.

c) Starting with Serenity:

Oscar begins his Monday mornings with a peaceful ritual. Whether it’s stretching, enjoying a few moments of quiet solitude, or receiving gentle cuddles from his favorite humans, he sets the tone for a relaxed day.

4- Tips for Making Vizsla‘s Mornings Enjoyable

If you have a dog like Oscar who isn’t fond of Monday mornings, consider the following tips to create a more pleasant start to the week:

a) Gradual Wake-Up:

Ease into the morning by waking your dog up gently, perhaps with soft sounds or natural light. Avoid abrupt disruptions that can contribute to Monday blues.

b) Create a Calm Environment for your Vizsla:

Set the stage for a peaceful morning by minimizing noise and chaos. Create a serene space where your dog can wake up gradually and feel at ease.

c) Morning Bonding Time:

Spend quality time with your pup in the morning, engaging in activities they enjoy. Whether it’s a gentle walk, a brief play session, or some affectionate moments together, nurturing the bond between you and your dog can help alleviate any Monday morning stress.

5- Embracing Vizsla‘s Quirk

Oscar’s dislike for Monday mornings may be unconventional, but it’s essential to embrace and accept his unique personality. By understanding and accommodating his preferences, we strengthen our connection with our furry friends, fostering a harmonious and loving relationship.


Oscar the Vizsla has captured our hearts with his aversion to Monday mornings and his dedication to embracing a leisurely start to the week. By adapting our routines and providing a calming environment, we can help Oscar and dogs like him transition into the workweek with ease. Let’s celebrate Oscar’s quirks and nurture a sense of tranquility to ensure a positive start to our Monday mornings alongside our beloved canine companions.