Carol Burnett Show: The Wedding Anniversary Surprise!

This bit from The Carol Burnett Show is called Wedding Anniversary and it has a shocker!

Carol Burnett teamed up with Tim Conway to create a hilarious scene, they play a couple who come back to relive their honeymoon in Mexico after 10 years. It’s the same room they got before yet they are still amazed by the beauty of it.

As soon as they get in bed and turned the lights off to sleep, Carol’s eyes immediately open up, and whispered “Henry, Henry! Something just crawled over me.” Conway is playing Henry her husband assured her that it is just her hallucination.

After that, carol had enough and told Tim to turn the lights on at once, he did that and pointed at her feet saying “There it is!” that is when Carol lost it and jumped in terror screaming however Conway was joking and told her to relax and go to sleep. She gets back to bed angrily and upset.

After a moment, she went crazy again and this time she is saying that she nearly stepped on it. Tim got up and said where?” and tried to look for it, then he wanted to punch it really bad.

Then he sprayed it with something it turned out to be later a deodorant. Finally, he managed to catch it using a cup and they both got back to sleep. However, Carol was still skeptical and ordered Conway to verify if it is still in the cup.

Suddenly, they heard the noise of the cup shattering, and that’s when Carol shouted “Maybe it’s carrying a grudge, Henry! Bugs have been known to carry grudges! Don’t move”

Henry was looking around for it, and that’s when Carol noticed that it is on the back of her husband’s neck. So she told him to get out of the room right now. Tim was frightened and left, Carol followed him and locked the door. Minutes after, he told her to let him in and they both get back to bed however Henry went back to the room with a big lizard on his back. The moment when Carol was about to relax and have a good night’s sleep she saw that thing and lost consciousness on the spot. it is the funniest clip I have ever seen.