Carol Burnett show: the difference between men and women

The Carol Burnett show shows us the difference between men and women in this hysterical skit

We can all agree that men and women are so different, in this bit Carol Burnett will show us some of these differences during a car crash and the reactions from men and women.

The first scene was an accident between two men driving it started off with total chaos with both of them screaming and shouting, then they check each other’s driving licenses, and in the end, their sad about the damage to their vehicles.

However, when law enforcement intervene they both start to act less aggressively and started to act like they are injured from the crash.

The next scene is even better, it is about how women act after a car accident. From the start, one of them is complaining about her nails being broken.

It is completely hilarious, the two women are just focused on their hair and their outfit they don’t even care about the cars, it’s nothing to them.

They ranted for so long. at some point they even thought about leaving the two cars and going for a quick shopping. In the end, they accept to pay the cost of the restores equally.

This clip from The Carol Burnett Show describes cleverly the different reactions of men and women. It is obvious, men always blame the other person while women are always extra in everything. Both of these skits will leave you holding your stomach from laughing in the end.

This show is better than a lot of other sitcoms, it contains short funny skits talking about a lot of subjects that will surely make you laugh in instant!