Tom Jones with tearful eyes stands up and sings along with this “voice” participant after finding out a connection between them.

Peter Donegan a contestant on the voice UK, sings this touching song named “Bless The Broken Road”. One of the celebrity judges, sir Tom Jones turned the chair. He made this song back in 1994 co-written by Marcus Hummon Bobby Boyd and Jeff Hanna.

The contestant showed a beautiful, lovely voice with a courageous performance and an attractive range.

Tom Jones quickly figured out that Peter was the son of one of Jones’s oldest friends in the music industry, Lonnie Donegan. His father was a famous singer-songwriter known for his big impact on British pop music in the 1960s.

His biggest hit was writing the song, “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again”, and it turned out to be one of Jones’s most known achievements. Unfortunately, in 2002 Lonnie Donegan died.

Tom questioned Peter “Do you know the song that your father wrote for me? Shall we do it together?”

The young contestant gladly accepted. “I will have to play it on the piano,” he said.

These two performed a powerful duet of the classic song, to the astonishment of the judges and spectators as well. This was an exceptional moment for both of them. Later that night Jones tweeted: “A very special moment with my late great friend Lonnie Donegan’s son – the marvelously talented Peter Donegan! Welcome to Team Tom.”

In the meantime, Donegan tweeted too saying: “So proud to perform my dad’s song with Sir Tom Jones,” he said. “A very emotional moment for me and I’m sure dad would have been proud.”

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