When this blind artist started to sing, the whole crowd and the judges become in tears! So touching.

Here becomes blind audition a real new meaning.

The name of this young man is Vernon Barnard, he is 22 years old from Strand in South Africa. Due to glaucoma, he lost his sight at a young age however it didn’t stop him from becoming what he really wanted to be, a full-time musician or singer. It is heartbreaking to see his pictures when he was a little boy with big beautiful blue eyes.

In the music world there had been a bunch of blind artists who were known all over the world. Musicians like Stevie Wonder, Blind Willie McTell, Andrea Bocelli, Roy Orbison, and Ray Charles. They were all born in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is a big challenge for Vernon, how he would manage to be the first in his hemisphere to make it? So he set his mind to go for auditioning for the Voice in South Africa.

In today’s video, we are witnessing his audition where he chooses the song of One Direction’s “Story of My Life”. Vernon is so loved by his parents they are his biggest and first fans they support him whenever and wherever he goes. Just take a look at his performance he really did his thing out there on stage, you will be in your feelings watching him.

For those asking why the guy in the gray shirt is crying His father was blind too !! That’s why he got so emotional!

One of the judges is Bobby van Jaarsveld, he is the first one who turned around for Vernon and he couldn’t hold his tears, he was literally crying out loud also Lira the other judge couldn’t hold herself either and joined him. It is a must-watch video.

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