This musician uses an extraordinary 18 String Harp guitar to perform “The Sound of Silence” and it is Outstanding!

I have never seen an instrument like this before, the sound is so beautiful the musician is a genius, outstanding playing.

This song is the most known and most covered tune in the entire world, Simon and Garfunkel created this masterpiece back in October 1964 and in that year it hit the number one charts on the billboard, it’s been passed from generation to another, hundreds and hundreds of covers been out however the most touching one is right here on the video down below.

Jamie Dupuis is a guitarist and composer from Canada, he is an expert on this new instrument called the harp guitar, and let’s talk about this guitar for a second, from the first sight, it looks like two guitars fused together and have a total of 18 strings with a magical sound when it played just like you hear in the video.

The thing is this type of guitar has been around for so long but is not famous enough. Most of us are only familiar with the typical 6-string guitar however there are few people who can manage to play the harp guitar and Jamie here is one of them.

This cover suits the guitar’s tone very well and the forest in the back makes it even better. 6 million views are the number of people who watched Jamie’s video and one day if he decides to release an album of other classic covers he will reach so many other people.

So many subscribers supporting and cheering for Jamie just take a look at his comments section, also all his fans are fond of music.

If you need to relax and clear your mind just listen to this video. It is 100% percent guaranteed to calm your inner thoughts into a restful doze.

Such a haunting song. Great job. This chilled me straight to my bones!

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